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Curriculum Overview

What is our intent for the curriculum at Street Lane Primary?

We intend our curriculum to mirror our 5 school values and to ensure our children are happy, safe, healthy and that they succeed. We strive to integrate our curriculum intent into all areas of learning.  Teachers take every opportunity to make learning fun, engaging and encourage the children to direct their own learning. Our curriculum provides our children with regular opportunities to learn about healthy choices, personal safety, respect and awareness of others and how they can grow to be a successful member of society.


"The teachers and my friends help me and look after me. It makes me feel happy."   Jessica, Year 2

"We are asked our own opinions and nobody judges you if you are wrong." Aiden, Year 6

Our curriculum runs on a two-year rolling cycle. Each term has a whole school theme and learning in each year group is linked to this theme. To view our long term planning, please click on the relevant key stage below.

How do we implement our curriculum?

  • Whole school thematic approach
  • A broad and balanced creative curriculum
  • Theme weeks/ days
  • High Quality texts linked to themes
  • Family fun days
  • Events in the wider community celebrated
  • Play opportunities for all children


"My favourite subject in school is science because I learn about things I never knew before."   Jasmine, Year 5

"I enjoy maths because we learn lots of new mathematical words."     Aiden, year 6

"I like writing number in maths. Tough Ten is the best!" Sebastian, Year 2